Useful Information

Currency in Croatia is kuna (1 kuna = 100 lipa). Foreign currency can be exchanged in banks, exchange offices, post offices, travel agencies, etc. Most hotels, restaurants and shops accept credit cards.

Tap water is potable throughout Croatia.

Telephone code for Croatia is +385.

Time zone in Croatia is GMT plus one hour in winter and GMT plus two in summer.

Tourists require passport or some other internationally recognised identification document. Tourists may remain in Croatia for up to three months. You can receive more information at diplomatic consulates of the Republic of Croatia abroad, or at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Customs regulations of the Republic of Croatia are in line with the standards of European Union countries. More on web site:

Foreign tourists do not pay for medical services if the Health Care Convention was signed between Croatia and the country they come from. Expenses of health services provided to persons coming from the countries with which the Health Care Convention was not signed are charged directly to users according to the price list.

National holidays in 2007 are: 1 January - New Year's Day; 6 January - Epiphany; 08 and 09 april - Easter, including Easter Monday; 1 May - Labour Day; 07 June - Corpus Christi (Movable feast); 22 June - Anti-Fascist Resistance Day; 25 June - Statehood Day; 5 August - Victory Day and National Thanksgiving Day; 15 August - Assumption; 8 October - Independence Day; 1 November - All Saints' Day; 25 and 26 December - Christmas Holidays.

Public telephones can be used only with phone cards, which can be purchased in Post Offices and at newsstands, in hotels and tourist complexes.

You can call the Assistance on the Roads at 987 (If you are calling from outside of Croatia or using a mobile phone dial +3851 987).

For any kind of emergency (ambulance, fire-service, police, contamination of enviroment, accident), you can call number 112 - National Information Center.


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