Island of Brac, Croatia

Brac is the biggest and highest Dalmatian island. It is situated just seven miles from Split, with numerous ferry and catamaran lines (14 to 16 times a day in summer months).

Brac offers a variety of landscapes because its coast and the inland are so different. Brac reveals itself in two ways: through the gentleness of its coastline and through the rough attractions of its inland.

The setllements on Brac are small but vivid, and people open-hearted.

Not so many years ago, Brac was the island of peasants, shepards, fishermen, and stone carvers. Today it is the island turned to tourism, but one that is keeping its tradition.

You can stil see herds of sheeps, fields of olive trees and wineyards, and taste home-made wines, Brac cheese, dishes made of lamb, fresh fish, olive oil.

In the town of Pucisca, center of the famous white Brac's stone industry, there is a school for young carvers where you can see their masterpieces.

In the little village of Mirca, you can visit Museum of olive oil where you can find out everything about history of its production on the island.


Virgin Nature

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