History of Bol

Bol is an historical settlement, that existed in the beginning of New Era, and probably even before it.

The Island of Brac was settled in the Younger Stone Age (Kopacina Cave in Donji Humac).

Romans had their settlement in Bol, which proves the "piscina" - water pool in the area of Zlatni rat beach. Also in that area, coins, graves and early Christian sarcophagus were found (today in the Museum of Dominican Monastery in Bol).

In 9th century Croats arrived to the island.

The whole island changed its rulers often from the 8th to 20th century: Franks, Croatian state, Byzantium, Croatian-Hungarian state, Omis pirates, Venice, Bosnian king Tvrtko I, Dubrovnik, Napoleon's France, Russians, Austrians and Yugoslavia. All of them left a specific sign in the life of Bol and the island.

You will find testimony of the intertwined cultures and ethnic groups of Brac in the village Skrip.

After the Second World War, Brac was a part of Yugoslavia, until the establishment of independent and autonomous Republic of Croatia in 1990.



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