Gastronomy in Bol

There are many specific customs as well as groceries that are used in dalmatian cuisine. Here are just some of them:

Olive oil
Among the most successful revivals of ancient agricultures on Dalmatian islands is the regeneration of olive production. There are olive groves all over Brac. Certain customs and practices, like washing the olives in the sea, make Croatian olive oils even more special. In restaurants, you will find simple dishes like fillets of anchovies and capers that olive oil makes extraordinary.

The meal taken between breakfast and lunch is a very important Dalmatian custom. Dishes served as marenda are popular and cheap, eaten with a spoon and fresh bread. Restaurants have special menus for marenda and these dishes are only cooked and served in late morning hours.
The most common are bean soup with pieces of bacon, off-cuts of prosciutto left on the bone, or sausages.
Marenda is normally accompanied with bevanda - wine diluted with water so as to be able to continue with working day.

There is practically no good food which Croats would not prepare on a grill (rostilj) - all better parts of meat are grilled, the meat coming from practically all kinds of animal: poultry, pork, yearling beef, beef, lamb, kid, small and large game, snails, frogs, fish, crabs, shellfish, molluscs, and even vegetables and cheese.

Swiss chard
Most inhabitants of Croatian islands find it hard to imagine life without Swiss chard (Croatian "blitva"). Blitva is best when young, immersed in boiling water and allowed to cook for a brief spell, carefully drained and sprinkled with olive oil. It is often served with boiled potatoes. Thus prepared, it is most commonly eaten with fish.

Misanca is a "mixture" of wild or semi-wild plants, which consists of some 20 or more plants (various types of wild and semi-wild onion, certain grasses, edible flowers, and herbs). Misanca can be eaten fresh, as salad, dressed with wine vinegar and olive oil. It is quite delicious with the addition of salt-pickled anchovies, olives, capers and hard boiled eggs.


Brac Gastronomy

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